Building p12runtime with dmmlib

It is assumed that the P2012 SDK is already installed and working properly and that is sourced.

  1. Download dmmlib
    • directly from the website
      • wget -O or
        curl -o
      • unzip
    • or via Mercurial
      • hg clone
      • cd dmmlib
      • hg up p2012sdk-2012.2
  2. Download p12runtime with dmmlib support (requires access to Codendi's SVN repository)
    • svn checkout --username ikoutras p12runtime
  3. Compile and install p12runtime for both POSIX and ISS simulations
    • cd p12runtime
    • export DMMLIB_SRC_DIR=/path/to/dmmlib
    • make clean all
    • make FABRIC_TYPE=iss clean all
  4. Run the tests (Optional)
    • make test
    • make FABRIC_TYPE=iss test

Note: The following instructions use P2012 SDK v2012.2 for reference. In case you need to use another version and it is not straightforward how to do so, please contact with the maintainers.